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How To Get Past my School's Admin?

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If you know that what you are asking is wrong, WHY bother asking in the first place?

Number 1: You are NOT the administrator. This is clear as your account does not have the appropriate privileges. From what you have said it looks like the admin has set it up so that only authorized people should be installing software apparently.

Number 2: If I were the admin, and I found out you were doing as you propose, you would be suspended/expelled from school. If the software is of legitimate use to the school and is properly licensed, the Admin should have no issue installing it for you. By installing software of questionable use, you could be opening up all kinds of liability to the school.

Number 3: You also may be charged with some sort of computer crime in a court of law. It is possible that you could be arrested for unauthorized access/tampering.

So, my point is: Find out who has access to install the software and have them do it. There should be someone in IT that knows. The rest of what you say is utter BS reasoning.