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How To Get Past my School's Admin?

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You didn't want a lecture, but here it is anyway. I say this because, I was the network administrator for a K-12 public school district.

The way to install the software you want to use is to buy it and install it on the computer YOU buy. That is pretty simple, isn't it.

uTorrent and other torrent clients suck bandwidth, and if you think there is plenty, you are simply wrong.
Commercial software needs to be installed in compliance with its license agreement. I have had to teach this simple lesson to math teachers, but you get the short form. When you buy one copy, you GET ONE COPY. When you buy one copy and install in the lab, on your buddies machine, on your home and school and laptop machine, you may (every title is different) be in violation. I hate to break this to you, but Microsoft, Adobe and several other big names in the software biz, spend millions looking for schools doing this. The fines can be steep. I am betting mommy and daddy do not want me sending you a bill for $150,000. So I will prevent that.

Read your acceptable use agreement. Find the part with the penalties. I will bill you for the time and effort to remove/repair what you did. Consider this a life lesson. In the work place people get fired for violating the acceptable use agreement.

The dirty secret. I have a bigger hammer than the cceptable use agreement. Here in Missouri unauthorized use of a network is a felony. 90% of K-12 schools get their Internet through a state program. Welcome to theft of state resources. Oh, and tell your teacher to go through the channels and get the software installed if they want it. If they aren't tenured, they can be unemployed easily. If they are, schools are getting better and better at document and fire.

One last note, school network admins read TechRepublic too.