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How To Get Past my School's Admin?

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Perhaps I'm on the wrong end of the spectrum here, but if I knew the answer that BrambleStar was looking for, I'd give it. I hear what you're saying, and you're technically correct; but the reason that North America is going downhill is that bureaucrats are more interested in limiting future liability than in providing a system that actually WORKS. And in case you all missed the point in the original post "NOBODY KNOWS WHO THE ADMIN IS". So telling Bramble to "go to the admin and get him to do it" is insulting, useless 'advice'.

What Bramble will learn from this is not that he can figure out how to get what he wants with a little creativity and ingenuity, he will learn that you can't fight "the Man", and you just need to have your experiences spoon-fed to you by a faceless corporation. Isn't that the attitude we're always complaining about? That kids don't care? If that's what you want, everybody chip in and buy him an iPad!

Bramble, keep trying. The rules are stupid. Following stupid rules is stupid. Good luck, and keep that inquiring mind! It will serve you better than anything you learn in a trickle-down bureaucracy!