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How To Get Past my School's Admin?

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You are obviously trying to install software onto a school owned resource. The laptop deosnt belong to you so stop trying to do things to it that are not intended. As others say, installing torrent software on the laptop (agasin that doesn't belong to you) is a BAD thing. Torrents eat up bandwidth, most respectable admins do not even allow torrent traffic on their networks (I know I don't) for a VARIETY of reasons.

The thing that you need to understand is that you are in school to get an education (one that you seem to be neglecting because if you were paying attention in English you would know that it is "I don't want to HEAR..." not "I don't want to HERE..." but thats another discussion about the inadequecies of todays educational systems.

Bottom line is, you need to play games at home, on your OWN computer. If your Mommy and Daddy are ok with you screwing up your own computer or the family computer with micro torrent and a bunch of warez then that's their business, the school system folks put security measures in place to protect the viability of their (not your) information system assets and networks.