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How To Get Past my School's Admin?

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At least you have access to some of the things you like now - mostly websites.

With more and more businesses being paranoid about network security penetration many are locking down networks so tight that only authorized websites are available from within and there is absolutely nothing but licensed business applications installed on their networks.

In most healthcare and financial situations social networks are completely locked down as well.

Don't even think about me allowing you to bring your own smart phone or device in and allowing you to add it to my network. It ain't gonna happen until I know it is encrypted, protected by an approved antivirus program, has a password that is at least 8 characters, auto-locks within 5 minutes of unlocking, and I can remotely wipe your device in the event that you even elude to the fact that it is lost, has been stolen, or "I can't find it!" By the way, we provide VOIP phones on the desks and want those used in lieu of your smart phone. Yes, we also log all incoming and outgoing calls to make certain you are not sitting on the phone talking to friends for non-company business. In fact, some parts of the buildings were deliberately engineered and shielded to prevent the cell phone signals, along with any other RF, except for our private and secure WIFI network, from penetrating into those areas, so turn off the tears right now because I am not going to allow you to install a cellular booster.

Incidentally, my healthcare networks know everything every employee, including the boss, does within the network and we keep that log data, along with the meta data, for at least 72 months. We have to keep the data under federal HITECH rules and it is routinely vetted when we receive a subpoena from an attorney.

We don't allow online video, games, radio, music, Howard Stern, or any other forms of personal entertainment on your computer. Your work issued desktop or laptop is not a toy.

We also do not allow you to add any other e-mail account to your desktop or laptop. You have a company e-mail account and we expect you to use that for ALL company correspondence. No, you may NOT use it for personal correspondence. If you have children, we will allow you to have their school contact you, IN AN EMERGENCY, via the company e-mail system, but please keep in mind that we are archiving all incoming and outgoing e-mail and can read anything you send or receive. We provide partially unrestricted machines in the break and lunch areas, but even those cannot get on eBay or PayPal because we don't need surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses, who are supposed to be paying attention to patients, checking to see if they won an auction every few seconds.

By the way, if you have a laptop you are not authorized to let your children do their homework on it in the evenings. It is for COMPANY BUSINESS ONLY and we had better not find it sitting on the back seat of your car in a parking lot somewhere because we will charge you for it if it gets stolen - read your employment manual.

We are not paying for bandwidth for you to be entertained because you are here to work. Besides, medical imaging demands huge bandwidth and there is no way in **** I am going to put a patient who is on an operating table at risk because you want to participate in March Madness. TIVO or DVR it and watch when you get home.

Incidentally, don't use the network to create your spreads and pools either. Nothing against gambling, but not on my time or our network's time.

We know what you look at, if you changed it, if you printed it, what workstation you logged in from, what time you logged in, what time you logged out, and what you looked at on the internet. We also archive all incoming and outgoing e-mail and scan all such e-mail for personally identifiable patient or financial information. If such information is in there, it is in violation of both our, and federal rules, and we bounce the message back to the sender - with a copy in my in-box for review. We can, and do, go back and read old messages all the time. Sometimes it is in response to the request or a court summons, sometimes it is because of an internal investigation.

Yes, Johnny, big brother is watching everything you do on our business computer network and we will continue to monitor, and occasionally reprimand, sometimes with the big hammer called termination.

GROW UP - you are at school to learn about life. Your teachers may whine about not being allowed to install software; you may feel put upon and your parents may even verge on attacking the school for their "draconian network and software policy."

You may have tears in your eyes thinking about how awful a network administrator I am and the fact that you would never work in a facility I am responsible for, but: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!"

Take some time and look at the real world now. Grow up - QUICKLY, because once you don that cap and gown, you enter life, and in life, there is no such thing as "fair." If you work at a facility where I am responsible for the network and you break my network rules, you will be looking for a new job.