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How To Get Past my School's Admin?

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You know what BrambleStar or who ever you are you are making the biggest mistake of your life. The others here who are network admin are right, it is a really bad idea to install stuff on your school computer (like a torrent or other unapproved programs). I am no network administrator but I work with my schools technology department and I have seen such cases as this. The stupid student (such as you) wants to install some unapproved you some how break into the admin account (the line "nobody knows who the network admin is" thats total BS), and install what ever you want. Then a couple seconds later the network admin gets an email from the system asking if such and such downloads are allowed, then they investigate and find that your user is logged on when the install went down, guess who will eat the book, YOU. So guess who gets called down to the office to talk with the "non-existent admin", and he asks you what this torrent thing is... and when you try to lie he throws the book at you. He pulls network logs, install logs, all sorts of things that incriminate you, not just with the school but with the Local/State Government. School computers are the worst place to break the rules and install unapproved programs because they are full of spyware that report your every mouse click and key press to the admin. I know because I have pulled these things on students like yourself myself. You can be expelled/banned for the district computers for the rest of you life. You may or may-not get away with it, a lot of admin's I know let stuff slide then BAMM they hit some unlucky perpetrator with the whole book and make a huge example out of them, don't let this be you. You also said in your post that your internet access is unblocked, that my friend is very very very rare. Once you cross that line they may decide to crack down on the internet, and how would it effect your quality of life if everyone knew that you were the kid who got the internet blocked...

The best thing you can do is help the school admin and they will help you, its a fact. Get used to it and grow up. There is more happening here than you know.