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How To Get Past my School's Admin?

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With all due respect, America is going downhill precisely because our students are doing everything other than learning. While other countries produce more scientists, engineers, and doctors due to the rigor of their school systems, our country produces more fat WalMart workers and more kids going directly from high-school to prison.

The OP may be a brilliant student who simply wants to relax with a computer game or two, and if so,that's great.

But just as likely, he may be a terrible student whose parents THINK he is doing hours math and science drills on his laptop, when the only drilling he's doing is for diamonds in MineCraft.

While there ARE rules that are stupid, and there ARE times when fighting the man is the thing to do...

But here is a kid who has been given an expensive laptop, given the chance at a good education, and even has someone with the patience to be the system administrator at a school full of punks like him.

Does he take all these gifts and become a brilliant scientist and inventor, or wear an orange jumpsuit and pickup trash with a prison work detail because 'the man' and all those 'rules' were sooooo mean to him? Only time will tell.