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How To Get Rid Of A Hacker??

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Step one: I'm going to assume you are running XP. If you are running Seven or Vista, the process is similar. You will need an active internet connection. Do a google search fo "combofix". Download this product from a site called "bleepingcomputer .org" Run it in safe mode on the administrator account. If you have any issue at this stage, find a buddy who can do this for you.

When Combofix runs in safe mode, handle the warnings as they come up. if it says Norton's is still running, terminate Norton's process. After you are sure it's closed, continue through the warnings.

This part will take a while. As it runs through, it may ask to download something from Microsoft. Allow it to do so. Eventually it will want to reboot. When it does put it back in safe mode administrator account to complete the last part and review the log file.

When this is complete, reboot and go to and run the program. When this is complete you should be clean. Now, before he comes back, ditch Norton and use something like Avast! for your antivirus.

Finally, lock down your network with a good hardware firewall, like the ones you find in the Cisco/Linsys line, but make sure you lock it down as best you can. If you need something a little more serious, use a Cisco IOS based firewall or call our sister company, Lobo Savvy Technologies, about their firewall solution.