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How To Get Rid Of A Hacker??

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OH Smeg

You don't simply need to reload the OS you need to wipe the HDD as this sounds very much like an infection that you have on your HDD.

Even reloading the system may not be enough to kill the infection as some can survive a Format and then return and reinfect the system.

If you want to be really sure that your HDD is clean you need to use a Wiping Utility like Boot & Nuke available free here

Run it with at least 3 wipes and then start to reload the system. Caution If you use a Wiping Utility on the HDD you will destroy any Recovery partitions that you have so you will need a Recovery Set from your System Maker or a Windows and other software Install Disc's for all your software.

If you use a Windows Install Disc from Microsoft you will also need your System Driver Disc/s depending on who made the system. If it's an Off the Shelf System the System Makers Recovery Disc will be enough but if it's a Custom White Box you'll need each and every one of the Hardware Disc's that came with the system as well as the Windows and other installed Software Disc's that you got with the new system.

If you have problems using DBan Boot & Nuke you can use Kill Disc Suite free which is another free utility but it's not as good as Boot & Nuke at cleaning HDD's. However saying that it will kill all but the most well crafted Infection.

Then after you have a clean fresh install of Windows on your computer and all your Software is installed change every password you have ever had to something new and use a Password Generator Utility to make these Passwords. Do Not rely on making up your own passwords as these are too easily worked out by people who know you. No Personal Password is every Truly Random and all are easily worked out by people who know you or are stalking you.