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How To Get Rid Of A Hacker??

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Mr. Bird, you are one very thorough human being, and I am extremely grateful for your input. Yes, I do think I am being hacked via browser. This is my story: Several weeks ago, while I was logged into my Hotmail account, I noticed the marquee above the URL (the spot where it says "Hotmail" and gives your email address) began to flicker wildly. When it stopped flickering, the marquee said "Hotmail (1)", the (1) giving an indication that a second window for my email account was open somewhere in the world. Whenever I switched folders, the second person would get kicked out - but within seconds, the marquee would begin to flicker wildly again and soon the "Hotmail (1)" would return, showing the account open in 2 places. I did not want to lose the account, as I have several years worth of Internet Marketing info archived in it. So I moved almost all of my current email activity to another account. I thought this had solved my problem, until I began going to other websites, places like Amazon (that does not require a password to enter and browse), and suddenly as soon as I entered the website the marquee would flicker wildly, until the hacker managed to get in, then the flickering would stop, and there would just be a double connect every time I went to a different page. I got mad and began just flipping back and forth very quickly between pages on the Amazon website; the marquee began to flicker wildly each time I quickly changed pages until I stopped and gave up. At that point he broke through again, and my pages began to double connect again as he followed my every move. Eventually he realized I wasn't going to buy anything, and he pulled out, causing my screen to jump. I knew he was gone because the marquee stopped flickering and the double connect problem stopped. He keeps showing up now, but only at websites where I usually buy things. There is always the flickering, and the double connect once he/they break through. The only thing I can think is that he may be following me based on when my IP address shows active, (I am the only person at my house who uses my computer) and then he/they follow me to certain shopping websites to see if I will give any credit card info. Thank you again Mr. Bird; I will look at and try to implement your suggestions to see if I can solve my problem.