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How To Get Rid Of A Hacker??

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Great advice from Mike, but I DISAGREE on one small point:
You should NOT hide SSID on your wireless network.

If SSID is not being broadcast by the router/access point, then your computer must to be configured to try its own list of "hidden SSID" whenever it wants to connect to the network.
Let's say, your hidden SSID at home is "MyHiddenSSID". When you turn your laptop on at the airport, the first thing your wireless card will do is, when it sees any network with hidden SSID, it will try to connect, using the SSID "MyHiddenSSID". So a bad guy could simply program a fake access point to behave as if it has a hidden SSID, and then <strong>automatically accept any connection attempt</strong> and, obviously, serve lots of nasty things, or at least sniff on all your email passwords etc before you even know it.
In short: Always show your SSID, do use WPA security and do employ really hard to guess Wifi passwords, like "0gqe9G6gerHe4@$..#^$^\\/f?=oig" (OK, don't use this particular one, since it's already taken :)