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HOw to join wind 7 to 2003 AD domain without DNS server

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Otherwise, I'm not entirely sure about how the home networking aspect of 7 works, but you should be able to join the workgroup/"domain".

Note that your only problem here might not be the lack of a local DNS server. For example,

I can't believe there you have a whole business network relying on NXDOMAIN responses from an ISP DNS server so that local resolution occurs. Insane! Especially since it is AD without DNS. It will be far better once you get a DNS server going.

"Running nslookup on the windows 7 client produces the IP and name of the DNS of the ISP. I am able to ping the Domain server from the win 7 computer."

What are you looking up? If you look up your internal "domain name" or whatever it is, the ISP DNS server should return NXDOMAIN. Then WINS or NetBIOS or whatever would take over and resolve locally. (But you won't see that via nslookup.)

Order in which the above occurs: local resolver cache, hosts file, DNS, WINS, NetBIOS name cache, NetBIOS, lmhosts file.