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HOw to join wind 7 to 2003 AD domain without DNS server

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THe hosts file was the first thing I tried but no change.

I know that without DNS it is crazy but I did not do it I found it like that the issue is now how to make the change with the least amount of downtim and problems. There are 6 VPN to remote sites and I am afriad as I dont know what and how they are setup that if i setup a DNS internal it will effect the VPN's. If that happens then I am screwed because the remote sites will not be able to bill....

I was thinking once I get the new server 2008 up and installed to set it up as a internal DNS and having a forwarder in the DNS to the ISP DNS.

Now a question here is if I have a present domain as and I setup an internal DNS should I set it up as and then have the forwarder in DNS point to the ISP's or should I use the on the internal DNS as well ?? which would mean I would change the internal pc to logon to is this correct or do I have it wrong ?

THanks for your answers