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HOw to join wind 7 to 2003 AD domain without DNS server

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OK after running a nslookup on the DC it comes back with the ISP DNS..

Maybe it would be better to go the following route;
At the moment I have a domain with a DC - which after running a nslookup it points the ISP DNS. All clients have the ISP DNS (setup before my time)
All XP computers are able to join the domain without a problem however wind 7 Prof cannot.

I am thinking of doing the following introduce a wind 2008 server with dns inside my domain. The domain will be changed to so the new domain name for the existing DC will be and will point to the new 2008 server DNS where I will setup a forwarder to the ISP DNS

Present setup new setup

Domain Domain
DNS is ISP DNS introduce 2008 server with DNS
2003 DC name ABC ( new name for 2003 DC will be
All clients point to ISP DNS all clients now point to the new 2008
server which has a forwarder to
Would the above setup be a good solution witht he least amount of downtime ?