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How to make Windows XP install a sound card?

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You can go to the Control Panel switch it to Classic View and then open the Sounds & Audio Devices, When that window opens left click on the Audio Tab and from the Drop Down List Select Realtech AC97.

Just one thing here Sound Max isn't Realtech and they are not interchangeable drivers so if you have reloaded the system try using the Driver on the HP Web Site listed as SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio

It's a different driver to the AC97 Driver.

However if you have the Realtech AC97 Audio Device and you have reloaded the system and connected it to the Windows Update Servers there is no way to get the Realtech AC97 Drivers to actually work. This is because Realtech doesn't submit their Drivers to M$ for Digital Signing and once you connect to the Windows Update Servers it's Impossible to make any Realtech Audio Device work. It's to do with the first 2 Pieces of software that are downloaded and Installed before Windows Checks for available Patches/Service Packs and so on.

To find out which Audio Device you actually have you can use Unknown Device Identifier available as Shareware here