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How to prevent PST file corruption

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I prefer to use a PST for a project and then disconnect the PST when it isn't needed. I can reconnect it in a minute if needed.
Many people are Email pack rats. They save everything. Many need to save sent items for various reasons. Create a PST file for a period and dump them in there. Aside from the current sent items you may just need the PST file that has the previous batch.
May need to move messages into their own PST files if you get large attachments .
All these will also increase the searching speed [can't check if disconnected but if you know it's not in there...]. It also decreases sync times if you are connected to an Exchange server.
I do disagree with jobredic's #3. A PST is fine on a network drive but if you get disconnected [will happen with a laptop] you can't access it. Considering keeping them locally and then maybe at least once a week schedule to copy the PST file(s) to a network drive. Outlook must be closed to do so [unless disconnected]. Additionally, Outlook may even deny you from copying the PST file(s) even if Outlook is sclosed. If so, reduce the PSTDisconnectDelay value in the registry.