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how to remove home audio recording electric noise from other building???

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OH Smeg

You do need a Earth Line from the PC to Earth but that is internal wiring and nothing to do with the mains supplied all Earth Lines need to be internal.

I would also fit a good UPS of the Filtering Kind that relies on Mains Voltage to charge the battery and then the battery supplies an Inverter to power the computer.

OH and just make sure that the Earth is actually a Earth driving a bit of copper into the ground may not necessarily be a good earth you need to soak the area that the copper spike is in with salty water. Failing that you could always tie a Earth to Metal Water Pipes.

Changing the hardware to Apple will not make much difference if any by itself as the Apple PS's are still basically the same as a good PC Power Supply and needs an Earth.

Of course if you don't want to do any of the above then your only option is to stop recording so maybe that covers everything. :^0