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how to remove home audio recording electric noise from other building???

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wow. but i'm not surprised. in the u.s., the power supply is kept as clean as possible. but in india, it sounds like a different story.

when it comes to dirty power from the wiring, then you need to use a filter that is conceptually the same for cars, whereas it cleans the power used for the car radio's because the spark plugs and the alternator produces a lot of noise that the radio picks up.

also, the wiring around the pc, is might be producing a magnetic field. the wiring to and from the pc plus the wiring from behind the walls.

for the most part, computer cables should be unraveled and straight and apart from each other.

and if you have an old fashion crt monitor, then its cable should be the expensive one which has "shielding", and the monitor itself should be moved as far away as possible from the pc too. moving the monitor away, straightens the cables and minimizes a magnetic field from being formed when the cables are twisted, looped and intertwined with each other.

also, if you have an old fashion tv and radio's, big or table top size, then its also giving off a magnetic field. also, old fashion rabbit ear antenna's love and attract magnetic fields. (for example, i have a modem and when i hold it with my hand, then touch a set of old rabbit ears on the same shelf with the top side of that same hand, i feel electricity passing between my hand.)

so lastly, separate your peripherals, like modems and usb hubs. because even though they are functional, they are cheaply made and also create magnetic fields and pass them on to the cheap cabling.