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How to Remove "the Disk is Write Protected" error for USB pendrive

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I had a similar problem with one of my drives (an IMation drive in my case) which refused all normal means of writing or formatting. I even tried several Partition Volume manager programs to format. No go.

The final workaround for me was to run one (or two, do not remember now) of my Flash drive speed and validation test tools - but to run them in the Write Test mode. Which generates an expected warning, like, "*Danger [Will Robinson], Write testing will delete all data and volume information and will require a reformat!*" (or something similar to that message. Be SURE to have the correct drive letter selected!)

After the destructive write testing, which showed the drive was either 100%OK or was 99% OK (again, I forget detail result) I was able to plug it in and the standard Windows Drive tools Format utility was able to format it as a FAT drive and make it useable.

The two Flash drive tools I used were:
Check Flash v1.16, at (a free program).
HDTune 2.5.5 Free version, at .

Hope this helps.