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How to retrieve files from a drive needed to be re-formatted?

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I applaude all those who replied with information on how to recover data. Kudos to you all for sharing your experience. However, this "Y- Cable" issue is another story.
Per the USB specs (USB Power Delivery Specification Revision 1.0 Version 1.1 dated 31 Octobber 2012 available @, section 2.3 states in part <i>"There is only <b><u>one</u></b> Source Port and <b><u>one</u></b> Sink Port in each PD connection between Port Partners."</i> The purpose of this statement is so the Source port can advertise its' capabilities to the Sink port and the 2 ports can properly negotiate all necessary power issues (including "low-power" devices).
By using the Y-Cable applying 2 Source ports, you <i>may</i> temporarily get around a problem <b>IF</b> the issue is insufficient power. However, you have also just told all the non-electrician techie-wanna-be's how to potentially damage otherwise perfectly good equipment.
In future, I suggest that <b>IF</b> you give out this kind of information, please also include any & all necessary caveats. In my 30+ years experience, I have found that only telling part of the story frequently is worse than not helping at all.