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How to retrieve files from a drive needed to be re-formatted?

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Use something more sensible for this approach than Ubuntu. A Knoppix live CD or something similar would be better. Anything that automatically displays all detected drives on the desktop would be a huge step in the right direction, just for ease of use.

I've used various and several different live environments to access NTFS drives, and Knoppix almost always works when others don't, and was just easier to work with.

Since you've already started file recovery - you are saving recovered data to a different drive? What did the vendor's hardware testing utility tell you? What were the results of the original scan from Easus or whatever testing you did? Was there just a bit of partition information corrupted, or was data lost, or Windows file/directory corruption...

See, if you don't need to, you don't want to be taking hours of time scanning the raw disk data for probable files. If you can just fix an obvious partition error, you have the whole drive back pretty quickly. So you may want to scan with the Easus Partition software - if it has error-scanning abilities, I don't know.

Since Windows decided the drive needed to be formatted, this is the direction i would lean towards. Unless there was a major physical failure in the drive, which is what the vendor's testing utility would tell you about.

Note: Sometimes you may yet need to run the Windows
chkdsk /f
after fixing a partition or marking damaged data blocks as bad.