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How to save web pages completely?

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Yes, it is possible to block webpages being saved complete with
images, can even block the actual source being viewed, though
it isn't done often. Probably what is happening is a use of frames
and tables to display images and other elements. However, I just
saved the page you linked above, everything was there EXCEPT
for images displayed as advertisements. I'm currently using
Opera 11.64-1403 Linux 32 bit, running in Slax 7 by way of a
self-built module. I might try IE8 or 9 on a different PC to see
if results are same. When using IE8, IIRC you save the entire
page as a "MHT" file to preserve embedded images. Though
images displayed from exterior domains by way of advertisements
usually are not saved, as they are "dynamic" and change periodically