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How to setup SonicWall Tele3 SP to use Windows XP VPN?

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Just wanting to contact anybody doing this too. We have a TELE3 Sp unit, which works fine, but has NOT got the licence yet for Global VPN client. We are right now trying to buy the licence add-on and are having trouble getting somebody in Sonicwall to advise if they will give us one, because the product (hardware) is end-of-life. I'm hoping they will just sell us the latest licence, PROVIDED thay can confirm that such a licence will allow us to turn on the feature (tick box) that permits us to run VPN from a remote dumb WIndows XP workstation. I'm quite prepared to advise you how we go with VPN connections. My immediate concern (apart from whether they'll sell me the licence, and whether they have a CD or whatever is needed to turn it on)(, is whether the TEL3 will allow access from a really dumb VPN session over the ADSL (DSL) link from a remote internet connected user, just running Windows VPn Adapter dial-up session? Is that what you are trying to do? If it is, then my guess is that the TELE3 unit, with its complexity and desire for full encryption, requires such a dumb VPN session to be setup from the remote end with DATA encryption turned on for both the login and the data transfer aspects. I do a lot of VPN work with Windows and UNIX and yep... these settings can be tricky. Would appreciate discussing your experiences, and also ask if you had the licence for Global VPN for a long time, or updated it after end-o-life like I'm trying to do. Gary Pope (Australia)