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HOw to setup two routers from two different ISPs to share same network

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I assume by stating, "when the ADSL provider is offline then the client switches to the UMAX" that you are speaking of your client and not another piece of software. I would suggest that you turn DHCP off on the WIMAX and give it a static IP outside of Be certain to remember the IP you assign so that you dont have problems finding it in order to configure it.

Will be interesting to see other input from the members here on handling the choice between the 2 providers. Its worthy of noting that the ISP itself is only responsible for delivering its content to the one device. Thus, even if the ISP is down, the ADSL router should continue in its function as DHCP provider. Then the remaining question is how to provide the switch when the ADSL provider goes down. This is where it gets complicated.

All of the above notwithstanding, you may find it much easier to simply put both "modems" in Bridged Mode which effectively bypasses the router functions of both devices altogether and purchase a router with 2 WAN ports on it. Example tinyurl DOT com/c79ugpk. (Remove the DOT along with the space before and after and replace with a period.) This router will support two WAN connections in either a "load-balancing or failover" capacity.