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how to solve "DSL internet connection when connected to LAN"?

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First of all, the Zyxel is a router, and a router (RV016) behind another router means you do double-nat, which is slow and less reliable, mostly because the secondary router is a DHCP client of the first router. Some things just will not work through double-NAT, such as a VPN.

Also, I would assume the DSL connection/login is configured in the Zyxel and it is configured to only maintain the connection for a certain period of time. If you get into the admin interface of the Zyzel, you can change the DSL timeout (but again, having the Zyxel work as a router with the RV016 behind it is not a good thing).

The best solution is to either re-configure the Zyxel so it is set to 'bridge mode' so it works as a DSL modem, and configure the RV016 to login and establish the DSL PPOE connection. This should work more reliably.

Alternately, just get rid of the RV016 and use the Zyxel, as it most likely has a standard NAT firewall.

Torrent applications sometimes cause connections to fail for one of three reasons. First of all, they make TONS of socket connections all at once which can trigger a security feature in the router, can sometimes overload the memory of the router, and sometimes even the ISP will drop the session. Some routers see all those connections and intentionally drop the connection, as this looks the same as a PC which has a nasty virus and is part of the DDOS (distributed denial of service).

If someone is using torrent, they need to set it so it is less aggressive about the number of connections it starts. Or better yet, just don't let people do torrents.