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How to stop Office/Outlook 2003 from synchronizing

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While reading through the responses to folks trying to gain some control over MS Office's OUTLOOK after it begins "synchronizing folders" that take all control away from the user with no explanation and no way to stop the process, I finally got up to the year 2005 and was shocked to find a posting from myself requesting help for this problem. Well it's now 2010 and there still is no solution, not even from Microsoft as evidenced by those who actually paid %50 to contact them and ask for a solution. At this time, there is still no solution although some folks give detailed instructions in the hope that it will do for you what they presume it did for them, i.e. solved this problem.
After all this time, I feel that finding a solution to this problem is hopeless and the worst flaw in the office software bundle.
After wading through all these postings and coming up empty handed, I will at least acknowledge that changing my Outlook to "working offline" seemed to at least postpone the dreaded process of "synchronizing folders". Please let me know if MS ever comes up with a solution, or maybe it will get fixed in the next version of Office 2010? But that's anyone's guess and I wouldn?t count on it since they seem to have ignored it up to now.
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