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How to stop Office/Outlook 2003 from synchronizing

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Am running Vista (ugh - I know) and Outlook 2007. Seems like I have this problem periodically, try three or four of the items in this thread (been coming back here a lot since 2008), the problem goes away, and then it comes back.

I've tried nearly all of these suggestions at one time or another, but was loath to recreate my Outlook profile or delete and recreate email accounts because I manage 30-something accounts - all processing through Outlook - for myself and my clients (lots of webmaster@ ... accounts), even though this seems most logical to me as the solution.

I also have more than 500 folders, and while it was a PIA, I *did* change them all to NOT automatically generate Exchange views. Didn't help.

It seems that about the same time this starts, Outlook suddenly starts asking me to re-enter the password for certain accounts, even though all of the appropriate boxes were checked (i.e. save password).

I decided to try deleting and recreating the email set-ups Outlook didn't seem to like password-wise, and came to realize that these set-ups were different in that under "more settings," "Other User Information" was included, such as the company name and the "reply email" address. When I recreated them, in an effort to save time, I didn't input this information.

I truly DON'T believe this is relative to the real problem, but seems to have resolved my problem, so I'm sharing it.

Put it in the "for what it's worth" column. Maybe it'll help someone else.

FYI: The majority of my accounts are Yahoo which I'm popping, but there are also accounts and a couple of randoms, like one Host Monster and another Welcome Website. One account is required to leave the messages on the server, b/c the client and I both retrieve those emails. To be honest, it seems that it probably started around the time I set up that account, but deleting it or trying to not include it in send/receive didn't seem to help at all.

In my case, it doesn't seem to be relative to my anti-virus software (Avast) or the router's MTUs (Belkin) or even the ISPs I use (Bellsouth/ATT and/or Comcast and/or Verizon, depending on my location) or the contacts in my address book (old or new) or anything in my registry.