how to transfer files from one host to another?

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how to transfer files from one host to another?

IT2MD this is really sounds like a stupid question...but I need to quick lesson on's the deal...a couple of years ago, i uploaded some basic websites (3 to be exact) onto a free hosting site using FTP. Well on 31July2012, the free hosting site will no longer support FTP websites and they will be deleted. Lucky for me I registered a domain name earlier this year and I would like to transfer those 3 websites before July. I was looking at the files on the free site, and couldn't figure out how to transfer them or save them to my current I went to the registered site and found that you can upload existing sites using unlimited FTP... but when I tried that it only gave the option to upload from my computer. So there is my dilemma...

HOW do I transfer the files from the free HOST to MyComputer -OR- to the registered domain?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!