how to uninstall winRAR achiver

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how to uninstall winRAR achiver

hi, i want to remove winRAR achiver but when i go to control panel it responds that file location is not known. i approached rarlabs. but it proved to of no help. please tell me how can i uninstall it.

To uninstall WinRAR either open "Add/Remove programs" in the Windows
"Control Panel", find WinRAR and press "Change/Remove" or just run
uninstall.exe, which is present in WinRAR folder.

If uninstall program reports that some files cannot be deleted,
try to reboot your computer after that and remove WinRAR folder
(c:\Program Files\WinRAR) manually. It should be removed without
any problems, but if you still get some errors at this step,
try to rename WinRAR folder to something like WinRAR.tmp,
then reboot and delete the renamed folder in Explorer.

If WinRAR is missing in "Add/Remove programs" in "Control Panel"
and uninstall.exe is missing in WinRAR folder, you can delete
WinRAR folder (c:\Program Files\WinRAR) manually. But open WinRAR
"Settings/Integration" dialog and turn off all its options before
doing that.


> Hi,
> i downloaded a trial version winRAR ACHIVER however later i tried
to uninstall it but iam unable to do so because it responds that file
location is not known. please tell me how to uninstall it
> from the computer
> regards
> reens