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How was someone else able to control a library computer?

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Thanks for the useful info, Slayer and PurpleSkys, and I appreciate your patience. And LOANMAN, THANK YOU SO MUCH. What you said was really lovely. The closing line is my favorite. It's remarkable how powerfully good it feels to hear someone say, in essence, "You didn't deserve to be hurt, and I'd stand by you and teach these jerks that they won't be hurting you anymore." Because that's what I needed (kinda still need) WAY more than anything else: emotional support. The lessons from my own experience suggest to me that a person in a situation like the one I've described will probably be able to get through some truly hellish things (even in the absence of successful, real-world solutions to the problem )as long as she feels that others are emotionally there for her. So thanks again, Loanman.