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I am using ESET, and malwarebytes are they ok together?

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as long as you only have one activated as a resident always on this
scenario, use Eset. When your trial runs out on Eset, you can then download and
install one of the two I mentioned in the earlier post, Avira or Microsoft Security
Essentials. My only complaint with MSSE is the "warning" period on date of the
signature files is hard-wired at 7 days, but since most of the time I update every
couple of days it doesn't bother me much, only on one old Dell that I use a few
times weekly. Avira is good, but seems a little slower at scanning.
I've also used AVG Free in the past, however it seems to slow my systems more
than Avira or MSSE. I gave up on Norton several years ago, as well as McAfee,
even though a few reveiws claim they have improved I can't bring myself to try
them again. Both seem to want to install stuff all over the place, making it a tad
difficult to remove them if you decide you no longer desire the service.