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POINTMAN8883 Reisen , thank you for your concern and your input....i really do appreciate it . Thumbsup2 , you kept claiming that i changed my story , and i just read that you called me a liar . Well.....please understand something here , i had no reason to change my story , nor did i change it......i only went back and corrected three typos :

1) the "A" was missing in " a disk error occured "....and i added it
2) the " i " in " it bugs me that i cant change the boot sequence "....was also missing...i added the i
3) the " or " that starts off the third paragraph.....i added it as well

And i fixed these typos in the exact order listed . I didn't come here to start trouble , or mislead anyone , or intentionally leave out information that could have been helpful......i came looking for help because i was in a bind .

Now , your initial response to my writing in caps.....thats what set me off , because i wasn't being offensive towards you in any kind of way.....**** , i was looking for help , not obedience training . Had you given me a chance and put mind over matter , i would have apologized for the caps & explained myself fully in my thank you note to you , because i hold a high regard for consideration .

Anyway , i initially wrote in caps because i was on my out and i didnt want to keep you waiting . I had noticed how quickly you responded to my initial post , so , naturally i wanted to return the gesture as well as fix the problem , but my glasses were in the car , my family was waiting on me , and i wanted to be sure i didnt mispell too many words . That's why i wrote in caps....not to insult , but to inform , and i know damn well the content wasn't offensive at when i picked up on your rudeness , i got pissed , in fact i'm still pissed , but i dont practice ignorance or pettyness.....and i'm man enough to admit my faults.....

Now , this two-hour difference you claim , i thought about it , and i even gave you the benefit of the doubt in the time difference , but i stand against your claim that i changed the whole post & left out important information , because it's just not , after thinking on it , all i could come up with was that either the site made a mistake , or it took a helluva long time to post.....but i assure you , with every confidence known to man , that i did not make my typo changes two hours later....if i had , i would admit it in a second......i have nothing to gain either why would i lie ??

Now , you can believe what you want , you can call me what you want , i just know that the truth was spoken here , without hesitation .

You took my writing in caps the wrong way , intentionally too , but now , to me , it's water on a duck's back....i apologize to you for whatever you think i did wrong , but know this , i stand by my word . were right about my comment being over the top , but you were wrong about the most important fact . Either way , i dont owe you an apology , so i wont give one . older mycroft.....I understand your frustration and your input.....all i can say is hopefully , you & i will not meet under any type of friction i'm in that had nothing to do with you initially and you decide to intervene.....

Ok , now , for thumbsup2 & those who were only concerned with the problem and not the's what happened....

I went to Fry's electronics and bought a new hard drive...a sata 160gb , made by Toshiba....after i installed it , i was asked for a password.....i entered it , same as before , and then when i got to the Bios , i was asked again for a password.....i entered it . and same as before , it gave me no access , so , i glanced at the windows decal for the xp home edition registration key , and in very small letters below the key it read : pw-leslie,cathy.....

Before this happened , i had been just using " leslie " as the password , because when i obtained the laptop , thats the password i was given . ( i bought the laptop from a guy who bought his daughter a new one because this one " stopped working "....i paid 40 bucks for it ) , i go into into the Bios and try " cathy ".......and boom.....i was in....right away i changed the boot sequence and started that time the drama in here was in full bloom.......

I want to say thank you to everyone......its been a helluva experience and im putting this behind me.....

thanks again