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i can't get my new card to be recognized

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OH Smeg

Though in the mean time check to make sure that the Video Card is actually fully inserted into the Socket on the M'Board and make sure that it's actually in the x 16 PCI E socket apparently these seem to be more than one PCIE socket on this M'Board.

Some cases hold the Plug In Cards slightly out of the socket and you need to adjust the Back Bracket and M'Board height from the base of the case.

Also if the Video Card had a Power Socket make sure that you plug the Power Supply lead to the Power Socket.

Does the system start at all? If it doesn't then you have a Incompatibility between the Chip Set of the Video Card and M'Board and need a different Video Card.

If the system is running then your most likely things are that the Video Card is not correctly fitted to the PCI E Socket, not getting any power or it's dead.