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i can't get my new card to be recognized

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This can usually be done through the menus in your BIOS, but if not, there will be a jumper (usually near the cmos battery) that you can set to erase the BIOS settings. Have the video card in when you do this so it is the first thing detected when the BIOS is rebuilding its settings.

If you can't find the jumper, unplug the computer and press the power button to discharge the capacitors. Then, remove the CMOS battery (it looks like a watch battery) and press the power button again.
Return the CMOS battery and plug the computer in. Make sure you video card is inserted and your monitor cable is attached to the card, then start your computer. If successful, it should recreate your BIOS settings from factory defaults. Some machines will have you set the system clock before it will allow you to boot up.