I can't Scroll down in my Excel worksheet

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I can't Scroll down in my Excel worksheet

I am unable to scroll down to see the bottom of my worksheet, however I can scroll from side-to-side.

Can anyone tell me what may be the problem?

Thank you!
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I used to work on a Helpdesk and the following questions come to mind:

1. What version of Excel?
2. How large is the worksheet (approx how many lines)?
3. Can you SEE the vertical scrollbar (or can you see it but it does not work)?
4. Is it just this worksheet or or worksheets? all workbooks?
5. Has it ever worked in this worksheet?

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Chances are that you have done "freeze panes" if you "unfreeze panes" take a look at the very bottom of the scrool bar and you migth see the thing for moving the bar that allows you to divide your sheet. Then move it all the way up and if you want you can freeze panes again.

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This option is located in the "Window" menu of your menu bar.