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I constantly get these type of script error messages. How can I stop them?

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Judging from the specifications you listed, I doubt it is your computer. So,
it is possible that the site itself is using extraordinarily large JavaScript files,
I don't know why some sites do that, but it happens. The other possibility
is an error in the script file. Does the error occur in Internet Explorer?
You can try that instead of Google Chrome. If it is an error in the scripts
themselves, IE generally gives a message to the effect "A script is causing
Internet Explorer to run slow, do you want to continue running scripts on
the page?". If you get this error, it is most likely a problem with the site
and not your computer. If you click "No" to not run scripts, then most
likely the web site will not render as expected and lack something the web
site designers consider important. You can contact the owner/manager
of the web site and tell them of any errors so they can correct them.
Good luck! Wiz