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I hate using HP's driver sites.

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the solution is to look in the non-functioning device's Properties, get the Device ID, GOOGLE IT!!!!!, find the manufacturer, go back to HP's site, and HOPE there's only one device with that manufacturer's name listed on the driver download page. When I specifically asked, he did not know a way with just Device Manager and the HP web site to determine what drivers are needed; some sort of third party help is required. That strikes me as a poor way to run a support web site; at least put the hardware ID string somewhere in the description on the driver download page. I didn't bother asking how you tell what driver to use when there are multiple 'Unknown Devices' from the same manufacturer.

To give the tech credit, after we went through that routine for the network card, he pointed me to a web site that's supposed to check the system and identify the missing drivers. In theory I can either install them or download them; I want them downloaded so I can put them in MS SCCM OSD, or apply them to drive images installed on systems that don't match the image's original hardware.

Although I haven't tried it yet. Let me get the NIC drivers on and I'll report back.