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I have a user (XP pro) who gets locked out of her account every day.

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my guess is that the user changed his/her password. Is the user part of a microsoft exchange org? if so, i would try to make sure all of his/her mapi sessions are closed on the exchange server. Outlook sometimes has the tendency to keep multiple sessions (up to 32 sometimes) open and this can be caused due to outlook cache mode most of the times, or at least from what i have seen. The idle mapi sessions keep the old password settings that are held in cache and they lock the user out because it is attempting to keep that connection open.

see your exchange admin, the only ways i know of how to close open mapi sessions is to dismount the store or reboot the actual server. depending on your company policy these options may not be feasible. However, its worth a shot if you can.

good luck.

P.S. scroll up a few notches to a post by cawallace007. His post is right on track with other possible fixes! :-P