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OldER Mycroft

So right off, from the very start, we have a suspect install disc.

What do you mean you "got a windows XP boot disc, with SP2 already installed.. burnt it... And tried to use it." - Why don't you have the disc that came with the machine?

Also "Restarted the computer, inserted the disc, and set the computer up to boot from disc." ~ This is all arse over t|t. If you restart the PC and THEN put the install disc in, it'll NEVER boot from it.

I'm curious as to why your are trying to install from an ISO of a boot disc that came from somewhere, rather than using the bespoke install disc that came with the computer?

You cannot have a common install disc and just go around willy-nilly installing with it whenever and wherever you choose to. I dare say you cannot even declare that this ISO is a genuine installer.