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I need help!!! =[

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HP doesn't include discs with thier computers, instead they have Parition(usally d:/, called recovery).. And as I stated it was currupted before formatting came up.

And the 'common disc' that you are referring to is a Windows XP boot disc MADE from another XP machine. I do know it works, because <b>I installed it(The EXACT SAME DISC) on another machine with no problems</b>... Thus meaning(at least to me) that it works...

And by the 'REstarted computer.. then inserted disc..' It wasn't the order I did it.. I restarted, inserted, booted up from C:, Then restarted again WITH disc in the drive...

If the installation disc was the problem, I would of never posted here(I'm a hobbiest programmer.. So I know most common troubleshooting methods). Thats why I came for help...