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I need help!!! =[

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Thanks for everyones support(and the little side convo made it feel like some real support from instore lol :P).

I'm pretty sure the CD/DVD Reader works fine. When I insert a disc into either drive(It has 2, one for CD/DVD reading and the other is a DVD-RW Drive) after the computer boots from C:/ it works. I tried using different discs, and even other burning programs. Its like my drive/comptuer freezes when it tries to boot from it. I'm possitive that the Boot is set up for the CD Drive(s) first, THEN hard-disk.

Like I said, the computer pretty much works fine off the hard disk, no hardware problems that I know of. It gets multiple errors, and all start up programs return errors and close.

ALSO The Recovery Partition has been currupted; Meaning that IF I do use it to make a recovery disc, it will not work( I have tried). I also tried to reformat through the recovery partition(thats why the current windows installed is fucked).

I do have 1 Question though, does the Windows XP Install disc need to be on a CD-R, or can it be on a DVD-R?(I heard that only CD-R's are used for XP installation, but the DVD-R i used on the dell worked fine. That might be the problem?)