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I want to ask about a formula. Is any way to do?

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Thanks again for reply, sorry for late reply from my side as i was busy. This help me a bit, Now i tell you the scenario of my data, I have a data consisting of several rows and ten (10) columns. I have made a performa on next sheet to get information of a single separate row. I have made 10 blocks in it as my row has 10 columns. My three columns have alphabets and 07 columns have digits. I only want to copy of that 10 columns data of a specific row in my performa blocks, but problems is that user will enter the data and he can't change the row number in formula, for this i have add a column to start and tell user to enter letter "p" in that row for which you want to print that performa. So help me that which kind of formula i can use which will automatic collect that row's information where user put "p". Or there is any other way to get information as i am trying a difficulty way or wrong way.