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I want to ask about a formula. Is any way to do?

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I have a data consisting several customers’ detail, each row has different customer detail. My owner says that I want information of customer’s with the columns tags. For this purpose on separate sheet, I have made a Receipt Format with each column tag and left blank box ahead for its information to fill. I have no problem to fill that blank boxes with a formula by putting that specific row number or just copy paste the information. But in my absence the next person who will fill it have no idea to use formula or copy past. This is the complete scenario. Now tell me the way that is there any formula or way to auto fill these blanks boxes as user enter the data in the row or just want to print an existing data. I could not find the way that how to call this randomly selected row in the formula. For this I have created a column and thought that use a letter “p” to call the desire row in formula if possible and put that formula in those blanks boxes of Receipt Format. Now as anyone put “p” in any single row (I don’t want many at time), then blanks boxes of Receipt Format will be automatically filled, and user will just print it. It was my thought without knowing that it is possible or not as I have used this kind of alphabets in ‘IF’ formula, but that was some different scenario. But I simply know that “IF’’ formula can handle alphabets. Extremely sorry as I am not enough familiar with this that’s way facing difficulty to explain my problem exactly.