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Icons in system tray don't display (sometimes)

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This is a computer I assembled myself using a PC Chips motherboard and Celeron processor and has been doing this from day one. I have formatted the harddrive and have reinstalled the hardware drivers from the supplied CD 2 or 3 times each in an effort to correct the problem. I have searched several online Q&A's, including Windows forums and PC Chips FAQ's and others, for a solution and have, so far, come away empty handed. I have been through the bios settings several times and don't find anything that I recognize as related to a problem of this nature. I have checked and re-checked all jumper settings etc. and don't find a problem that I can recognize as a problem. (My level of competence is very low in the software area of a computer, but I am ok with the hardware.) The inconsistent nature of this problem is what is so perplexing to me.