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Icons in system tray don't display (sometimes)

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Ugggggg! A nightmare from the start huh? You might try downloading new drivers to a CD and go back to sqare one with it, using the new drivers rather than the supplied drivers.

Ours didn't start until I had to setup for a new user. Previous user didn't report any problem, although it could have been there and he just didn't report it to us. I didn't notice it when logged in as the administrator to create the new account, although I don't remember actually looking either.

What I don't understand is why just one computer out of a block of identical ones purchased all at the same time. We purchase our replacement PC's in blocks, unpack them as a group, plug in cords and either use a KVM to set up several at a time or just put them around a table with individual monitors/keyboards/mice and move from one to the next to get them all through their first boot, Windows patches and company software installations and more patches, and patches........ Either we didn't hold our mouth just right when we set that one up initially, or we answered questions/installed patches in a different order, or the factory HDD image on that one computer didn't go quite right when the factory built it. All I know is that there was something different about that one PC and doing a full wipe/reinstall of the OS was the only thing that fixed it.