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Final Update -- Trying ATT UVerse on for size...

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I know some folks around here who use it. Are you going to use it for TV or just internet access?

As far as internet and AT&T, I use their DSL, and Linux/BSD of various flavors have presented no issues. Heck, I even got connectivity with Haiku (BeOS) in a VM.

AT&T will add another box to the side of your house, and give you some type of gateway/modem/router/cable box thingumie as well.

edit: I should point out that speeds offered by Uverse are higher that the normal DSL speeds, (VDSL) as it runs over fiber to a neighborhood node (big ugly green box*), or possibly right to your door.

The video to your TV is MPEG 4 encoded.

* Been known to explode, but that's been fixed.