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Final Update -- Trying ATT UVerse on for size...

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We had a horror story with them that would take longer to explain than I have time for right now.

They are basically three companies.


In that order, and the three do NOT work well together.

We bought a service that we never got, and because we didn't PAY for that service we never got, they one day cut ALL services, without so much as a phone call or letter in the mail. Yes, it WAS a surprise to our sales rep. We found out they had turned the lines off when we called service to let them know our lines had gone down. They WERE getting a few 100k from us a year for long distance and were trying to give them more. We got nailed instead.

We never got the service, and were completely moved off of AT&T by the next week and will NEVER go back.

I had to cancel my home phone when SBC was bought out by AT&T because I will NOT do business with them again.