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Final Update -- Trying ATT UVerse on for size...

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A near 4 hour install, which included running several new lines, and a walk-through on the DVR, remote functions, menu options.

Pleasant installer, polite, informative, as unintrusive as an installer can be.

This particular UVerse shop has a support policy in place in which the original installer is also the assigned support tech. I think I like that idea.

Excellent channel lineup for not having purchased premium content. 160+ channels. Geez. Someone will be having a field day once he figures out the remote!

Internet speed (so far), excellent. Just excellent, no noticeable difference between Charter 10m and UVerse 6m, with the exception that UVerse 'seems' faster. Probably because I rarely if ever got the actual 10m.

'course, I'm only a half hour into it.