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Final Update -- Trying ATT UVerse on for size...

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A week or so into things:

With a couple of exceptions, no problems with anything. As far as I'm concerned, to this point the good far outweighs the bad.

The bad:
Thunderstorming this evening, TV reception is glitchy. Occasional frozen frames - you know, kinda like when buffering can't keep up with your PC player? - all channels. Doesn't bother me, I'm not watching other than to gauge effect. OH has yet to complain...
Small buttons on the remote. And this is interesting, sometimes it takes two or three pushes of the power button to get the TV (not the box the signal runs through) to turn on. We do have a fairly old TV, that has it's idiosyncracies, so not sure whether this is U-Verse signal box or TV or some combination of both.
For a couple of hours yesterday afternoon, I had no Internet service, despite all the proper lights being lit on the PC, and the gateway. No clue what happened there, no clue.
After OH crashed for the night, I reset the gateway. Now that is a slow reset, several minutes. No problems since, don't know if there is any relation, again.
Yahoo portal and email management. Bleah.

The good:
I can remove channels that we don't receive, or that I don't want to see listed, from the the TV guide.
I can deny access to channels, then hide the channel.
Of 405 channels available, we get just about half. Wow!
Internet speed is kicking butt.
Dialup access when on the road. Not something included with Charter. I'm likely to keep Earthlink for mail and dialup, though. I do not like Yahoo in the least. Ok, wait. Yahoo Instant Messenger is ok if you do a custom install and keep the crap out.

Well satisfied, so far!

Future updates to come, then trailing off after a month or so. In case others are interested.