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Final Update -- Trying ATT UVerse on for size...

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not the house. Due to poorly designed or manufactured batteries (sound familiar?). That company is out of business.

So, explosions in the street. Some may applaud the demise of such an ugly green box, providing shrapnel does not break their windows or persons.

The box on your house is just a junction box, like the one for phone service.

The internet speed should be good, it needs to be good for the broadcast video over IP.

The only problem I encountered in my limited exposure (I was tiling a shower nearby) was that sound was lost on one of two televisions. A quick call resulting in instructions to cycle power on the router-thingumie had it sorted straight away.

If you have very old copper in the house, rewiring your internal phone lines should ensure a quality signal. I actually did this when I got DSL, but the speed stayed about the same. If the old lines aren't bad, they may be better than new, so YMMV. Make sure any perceived speed or signal quality issues are not the result of other factors first, as rewiring can be a PITA depending on the house.

Anyway, I'll ask these not-very-technically-inclined folks for their opinions, and I'll try to do a speed test if allowed. One test does not make a good sample size, but it may be worth something.